Custom Home Building Edmonton

We build custom homes, and we're good at it.

Blue Arc is a custom home builder that specializes in designing and building customized homes for clients. We take pride in our work, so we’ll never cut corners or compromise quality to save time or money. We believe that every customer deserves a beautiful home with an individual design tailored to their needs and lifestyle. Our team is made up of designers, architects, engineers, and builders who are passionate about creating beautiful spaces that fit your needs. And with a wide range of experience in residential design and construction, we can help you find the perfect home for your lifestyle. You deserve to live in a space that reflects who you are – not just what’s on-trend right now. That’s why our team works closely with each client to create something special – an individualized living environment tailored to their unique tastes and needs. So, whether you want a modern loft or traditional family home, we’ll work hard to make sure it’s everything you imagined it could be.

Kind Of Customizations We Offer

Interior Design

Allow minor customizations to pre-designed layouts. We allow interior wall modifications for open concept and floor plan changes. You can choose the interior and exterior colors and add any modern look interior designs.

Exterior Design

Allow minor customization to the exterior of the home with regard to expansion options and layout. Allow minor modifications to windows, doors, and other features as long as they do not compromise structural integrity or built-in components.


We can make the changes to move the areas according to your preferences like- move the location of bedroom and great room or moving laundry to 2nd floor or basement.


Blue Arc allows minor customizations to pre-designed layouts. We allow interior wall modifications for open concept and floor plan changes. You can also add a powder room or mudroom.

Central Vacuum

We have a partner company that we use for central vacuums and we work with you to add this cost into your project budget. Contact us if you would like to have this added to your custom home build project.

If you have other customizations and ideas in your mind, we are always ready and available to talk about it and try our best to make your idea of a dream home come true.

Contact Us Today for Environment Friendly Custom Homes in Edmonton

Blue Arc is committed to the environment. We are using renewable energy sources in all our custom home projects and we work with our clients to design the most efficient house possible. Wood, steel, bricks, and other materials are used in Blue Arc homes that have a minimal ecological impact on the planet. With each new construction project comes a chance to re-examine the way that building is done and work towards reducing waste, pollution, and improving quality.

So, what are you waiting for? Call us to start your custom-building project.